The Charity

The Spitalfields Centre charity (registered charity 287279) was set up to preserve 19 Princelet Street, and to create there a permanent exhibition and educational resource telling the stories of the many diverse peoples and cultures who created our society.

‘The protestants thought life was more easy and more beautiful for them so they thought they would stay here for ever.’
Seema Kumari Sindi - Age 10

Our work brings people together across cultures and generations, and helps to build the understanding and respect needed to create a truly diverse, fair and equal society.

The trustees 1998.

We are a diverse team of patrons, trustees, advisers and volunteers. None of us are paid. Some of us are recent arrivals, others are first generation born in Britain, some go back a few centuries. All of us believe in celebrating our history as a multicultural nation, and we believe that we can build a better future through understanding and sharing our pasts and our stories.

We need your help, to save this special building and develop it as a new sort of museum, embracing the stories of the many diverse peoples who shaped this area and the nation.

‘one of the capital’s finest buildings’ 
The Observer

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