Dan Corry Dan's maternal family came from Brick Lane, and he followed his East End father into economics. Dan put down some new roots in Whitehall and Westminster; most recently in Downing Street where he worked for the Prime Minister as Head of the No 10 Policy Unit and then as his Senior Advisor on the economy. He has been Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, a Special Adviser, including to the Secretary of State in the Department of Education, Director of the New Local Government Network, and Director of FTI Consulting.Dan is Chief Executive of New Philanthropy Capital and a Visiting Fellow at Southampton University, a member of the Greater Manchester Economic Advistory Panel, a member of the Research Committee of
the ESRC, member of the Advisory Board of CentreForum.

Rhian Harris

Rhian HarrisRhian lives and works in East London, where she is the Director of the V&A Museum of Childhood and works surrounded by fascinating childhood related objects and toys. As founding Director of the Foundling Museum, Rhian made a truly marvellous museum which combines an historic site with exploring the connections between place, social history and the search for belonging that are central to the stories of 19 Princelet Street.

Jim Rollo CMG

Jim Rollo CMGJim migrated many years ago from Scotland to pursue a career in economic policy, which included working in the Overseas Development Administration, as Chief Economic Adviser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and as a Director at Chatham House. He is presently Director of the Sussex European Institute and of the Centre on European Political Economy at the University of Sussex, Professor of Economics at the College of Europe at Natolin, Warsaw, and a founding Director of TradeSIFT. Jim is committed to showing the world the diversity that is modern Britain.

Santosh Stride

Santosh StrideSantosh is Spitalfields born and bred, with one parent born just a few doors along Princelet Street and a grandfather who was Rector of Christchurch round the corner. She became a museum maker, at 19 Princelet Street, in 2000. More recently she has taught in Nepal, worked part-time with children with special needs, is a kayak instructor and recently graduated with a degree in sports science. Santosh is now teaching at a local primary school.

Susie Symes

Susie SymesSusie has been sherpa, scribe and spare pair of hands for other charities; she chairs 19 Princelet Street and its museum-making team.  Susie’s routes led from the edge of Asia via Manchester to being chosen by the BBC as a ‘Listed Londoner’ and by London’s Mayor as a ‘Londoner who made life better for others’. Previously an academic, Treasury official, Eurocrat and a Director at the Royal Insitute of International Affairs, she is now an economist and campaigner.